Red Echo

July 7, 2015

Happy weekend

I spent Fourth of July weekend at Goodness, a 150-person campout on the Green River. It’s a happy, relaxed event with big trees, lots of kids, potluck dinners, swimming, and (of course) dancing all night under the stars. My burner friends have this party logistics business dialled in, and the festival flowed smoothly as the river’s current. Load-out and MOOP check on Sunday went so quickly that I felt like complaining that there was not enough work to do!

I had to restrain my ego somewhat because we used the PA system I bought a few weeks ago and it sounded ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. I mean, WOW. The sound was gorgeous – bigger, louder, and cleaner than I had expected – and I just wanted to bounce around with glee. So much fun, and I could not stop dancing. There is nothing else in the world like the luxurious glory of dancing til dawn in a wide-open grassy meadow with a couple dozen of your friends as the music rolls along like some enormous machine and the sun starts to peek up through the trees.

We’ll be bringing an even more impressive system out to Floodland next month, once Danne and Erik finish building their Danley-style tapped horn subs. I’m told to expect purple glitter sparkles. Perfect.