Red Echo

March 31, 2013

Ava and I spent the weekend in Portland with Thomas & Alison. We got tickets for the Vampire Masquerade Ball, which was good gothy fun and a nice excuse to dress up. I wore my tux, and Ava wore the beaded, trained wedding dress she picked up at Goodwill. It was fun and the music was all the good classic goth stuff. The sound quality was terrible, but I think I have become a snob, so it probably didn’t matter.

This morning we took the tram down to the Saturday Market (which operates on Sundays too) and had a great time wandering around in the sunny, happy crowd. We bought a couple of Nepalese scarves, had pierogis for lunch, listened to a talented cellist, and chatted with a lovely couple from Bend who do beautiful marquetry.

Tonight, had dinner at the Twilight in the last fading light of sunset; Barry joined us with his dog Muppet.

Very nice sunny weekend, and it is only March!