Red Echo

October 7, 2010

Project status

Three months ago I posted a list of the projects I had under way. Feeling like I am doing too many things and not doing them justice, I have been working toward spreading myself less thin. I’d like to let the project list shorten as I finish things, then refrain from taking on anything new for a good six months at least.

Finished since last update:
– Handbag for my sister Joanna
– Four more bloom lights, for Eva’s flower sculptures
– Blinking firefly costumes for Chris W. and his group
– Rhythm Robot v2 circuit board
– Flashy silver raver pants
– Blue/grey motorcycle-inspired modified jeans
– Reworked straps on a dress for Nika

Currently active:
– Radian (finishing the initial set of object model features)
– “Orb of Awesome” for Aaron B. (last remaining parts arrived today! finished this weekend, I hope)
– Steadyrocker midi clock device (circuit board layout done, next step is to get it printed)
– Rhythm Robot (updating firmware, designing a housing)
– Custom ski jacket (Martian styling, applied to goretex)

On the back burner:
– Sell the older two of my three motorcycles
– Tune up the Suzuki and install the Corbin seat
– Intelligent juggling balls
– Red shot silk dress w/gold lining
– Ballistic nylon motorcycle pants
– Groovik’s cube dimmer code
– Hammerbox percussion synthesizer

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  1. I support all these. esp. dress :)

    Comment by sam — October 20, 2010 @ 9:33 am