Red Echo

August 21, 2009

Project status updates:
– playa trike: got construction pretty far along only to discover a major design flaw in the steering geometry. Fixable, but clearly not happening in time for this year’s burn.
– DJ machine: lots of progress, nearly done, put aside til after the burn. All hardware mounted in the case, all power and MIDI routing finished, half the audio routing done. I need some longer 90-degree-connector patch cables.
– motorcycle: Found a brand-new lens cover at and installed it in place of the patched-up one. Saddlebags arrived: need to invent some kind of mounting bracket for them.
– finally, at long last, finished tailoring Maja’s furry pink vest. Still need to attach and power the array of LEDs. The half a dozen mintyboost kits I ordered arrived; I’m going to skip the USB connector and set them up to produce 12V instead of 5V.