Red Echo

October 6, 2008

The skies were clear when I rode in to work, but it was pouring rain on the way home. I got soaked. I felt secure enough on the highway, but traction was hard to find on Lake Washington Boulevard. I’m a bit concerned. I’m really not interested in going back to car commuting, but the weather is making this motorcycle business increasingly challenging.

After I dried off and warmed up, it was time for another trip to the shop. I sanded the sewing table down with 400 grit, thinned down the polyurethane to make it more of a glaze, and brushed on another coat. I think this will be all it needs. If I’ve succeeded, it will be time to shim the front legs (since the floor isn’t level) and bolt the back legs to the wall (since the table extends a couple feet over its front legs).

Now I’m back at home, sipping whiskey and working away on Radian. It’s a small project, but it keeps my brain active…