Red Echo

September 12, 2008

I’ve been riding my motorcycle a lot lately. I take it to work every day, and I run all errands via bike that don’t involve carrying lots of stuff around. It feels good. It’s fast and fun and I love sitting out in the middle of the world.

Dawn came by last night. We had sushi and then did a little sewing. She was tired and left early, but I pushed on, finished cutting, and started stitching my new project together. This is going to be a light hooded jacket, made from wide-wale corduroy, with fur trim around the hood and cuffs. It’s a prototype for a future product in the Martianwear line, so I’m keeping the pattern simple.

It appears that I did not buy nearly enough of the dark silvery-grey corduroy from Mood last spring. Perhaps I was thinking of a vest rather than a jacket? After rummaging through bags of remnants, I found a piece of the same corduroy in a creamy tan color. My first thought was to make the sleeves out of the tan and the body out of the dark grey, but Lesley suggested splitting it front-to-back instead. This seemed like a fine fun idea so I dug right in. I’m putting a seam down the middle of each sleeve; the back and hood will be dark grey and the front will be tan, with dark grey accent pockets. It will be a more light-hearted garment than I had originally intended, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

My sister MJ flew in late last night and will be staying for a day or so. She’s leaving Saturday on a bicycle trip down the coast to San Francisco. Wow.