Red Echo

August 11, 2008

It was a good weekend. I felt like I had a fair bit of my groove back. Thursday night was Artwalk, and Thomas P. had an opening at his gallery. A bunch of us trooped over to 619 Western after. It was too stuffy to linger, but the nearly-life-sized steel dinosaur skeleton was cool.

Friday Ava and I got dressed up and went out dancing. There were lots of old friends out, the music was decent, and we ended up at a greasy-spoon diner for pancakes and bacon at 3 AM.

Saturday we met up with Adam at the Rocket Factory and built a sewing work table. We haven’t decided whether to use steel, glass, or vinyl for the surface yet, but we constructed a nice solid 4′ x 8′ platform against the orange wall at a very comfortable height. We built the table over a curious sort of step/ledge feature in our workshop’s floor, with the legs inset so that there is no way to trip over them. Once we anchor it to the wall and drill a couple of holes for power cords it will be a very nice work area.

Saturday night Ava and I dressed up in a new set of costumes and went out again: this time to an apocalypse-themed fetish costume party down in the industrial district. Natalia had been invited to do a fire performance so we came along to watch. It was interesting but a little too quiet for us, so we left around midnight and went out dancing again.

Sunday we dug around in my various bins and made plans for Burning Man, which is coming up very soon. I think I will skip the trailer and just pack all my gear into the Rover. I am going to bring only one shade structure, not two, and I think I can attach the poles to my ski rack.

I’ve been doing a little recreational programming lately. The project will likely never amount to much, but there are some interesting puzzles in its design, and it is keeping me settled while I wait for my real job to develop.