Red Echo

February 10, 2008

I had a nice week and a half at home, and now I’m in New York for a week, visiting my sister MJ.

Airtrain from JFK to Jamaica Station, LIRR from Jamaica to Flatbush, subway from Flatbush to Grand Army Plaza, then I walk… makes me feel good to be in a city with a solid transit system. Every time I go through Seatac the new light rail system looks a little closer to completion. The terminal station was all lit up last night, lights blazing up and out, looking swoopy and futuristic and hopeful.

I went to the caucuses yesterday with my housemates. We had a big pre-caucus party, with bagels and coffee, precinct maps, and campaign literature. A dozen of our friends came over and discussed their opinions, and then we all headed over to the caucus location. It was a huge, boisterous, excited, standing-room-only crowd – great to see so many people out putting their energy into a democratic process.