Red Echo

October 18, 2007

There is something intense going on in my head that mostly doesn’t involve words, which makes it hard to explain or even to completely understand. I’m just letting that thread run, while periodically peeking in to see whether it has simplified itself enough to unpack yet. In the meantime I feel quieter, less extroverted than usual. I’ve done a lot of exploring and adventuring in the last year, and I guess now it’s time to do some consolidating and contemplating.

Most of my energy is going into work. My new responsibilities are heavy and unfamiliar, so I am spending a lot of time thinking about them and trying to learn how people keep up with all this stuff. The Art of Project Management, Debugging the Development Process, Rapid Development – there is a torrent of words going into my head and an equally vigorous stream of plans and reorganizations coming out. This is going to work; indeed, it’s already working, albeit (inevitably) more slowly than I had imagined. I look forward to the point where I can stop for breath.

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  1. When you get this sorted out, please explain it to me.

    Comment by charles — October 20, 2007 @ 10:12 am