Red Echo

April 13, 2007

The drywall contractors came by Heden around noon and worked for three hours. The holes are all covered up now, with big creamy panels of drywall mud. They’ll be back on Sunday for some finish work.

I did what felt like a lot of coding today. I’m changing the way the incremental compiler system tracks changes. Timestamps have turned out to be hard to get right when we can’t assume that each compilation unit is backed by one file on disk; the compiler ends up breaking any time there’s a bug in the timestamp code anywhere in the IDE. This is not so much fun to fix. Instead I’m having the compiler save the source hash in the object file; then the recompile algorithm can simply hash the current source and compare it against the old state to see if anything has changed.

Tonight is the DJ Eva / JunkieXL / BT show down in Pioneer Square. I’m about to head over to the Frodis Lounge for a pre-func, then we’re all going to take over the VIP room at Heavens. It’s rumored that BT won’t be coming on until 2 AM, so it may be a late night… It’s dance music, so I have to dress up, but it’s Pioneer Square, so I don’t really want to get too crazy. I’m going to wear some stylish jeans, a silver T-shirt, and my laserfingers… should be plenty.