Red Echo

April 8, 2007

I put in a couple hours of work on the bedroom at Heden yesterday, then went over to Stitches to help Katie M. make herself a pair of fuzzy light-up leggings. It took a while, and we didn’t get the lights finished, but we got all the sewing done and they will work just fine as unlit dancing clothes.

Met up with friends at ATC for Heater’s pre-func, then a dozen of us went over to the Fenix for the Bassnectar show. The opening band did not impress, and I felt totally out of place standing around listening to a jam band wearing lit up blue furry raver clothes, but once Bassnectar took the stage life was good. They put on an energetic, engaging show, the stage full of all kinds of craziness, and I danced until they quit.

This morning, got up around ten-thirty, met Alexis and went climbing. I haven’t been out to Vertical World in a few months and had less stamina than I expected, but it felt good to stretch my body out and pick my way up a few walls. (Idea: build a climbing wall at the Rocket Factory?)

The rest of the day I spent working on the electrical system at Heden. I climbed up into the attic and ran a ground wire from the junction box I’ve been working on over to the other wall, where I’m installing new grounded outlets. Some carpentry and lots of pushing, twisting, and wiring later, I had four outlets set up in my room and another four on the opposite side of the wall in Lesley’s room. I ran out of daylight before I could finish wiring up the cove lighting socket or the new switch, but I felt exhausted by that point anyway. I’ll do the rest on Tuesday.

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  1. You are a supastar for that outlet baby! Thanks! And soon we deck out the deck.

    Comment by lesley — April 8, 2007 @ 11:25 pm