Red Echo

March 26, 2007

Whistler showed some signs of flirting with spring yesterday – we had brief windows of blue sky – and now that I’m back home in Seattle I find spring bursting out all over the place. The trees outside my window are all sprouting leaves, and I hadn’t even noticed the buds yet when I left!

Last night I played some music after dinner: improvising, looping, tweaking sounds, building up the percussion and breaking it back down again – doing the whole live-electronica thing I’ve been working up to. It felt good, it sounded okay, people were getting into it, and when I was done I was astonished to find out I had been playing for an hour – I thought it’d been more like twenty minutes. It felt good, playing for people. I like where it’s going; just need to keep practicing.

Skiing yesterday: went out with Geoff S. and Samantha P. After a warmup run, Geoff and I split off and did Peak-to-Creek, which is four miles long and drops just over 5000 vertical feet, from the peak of Whistler Mountain down to Creekside. Unbelievable. Exhausting. We stuck to more normal runs after that. Rejoined Samantha for the last run of the day, down to Whistler Village.

OK, tired. Time to go take a shower and maybe a nap before going to the Garage for drinks and pool.

Life is really good.