Red Echo

March 21, 2007

I’m still up at Whistler. Great skiing: we had a good day with fresh fluffy snow. I spent most of the day by myself, and met up with Dave, Geoff, and Colleen after a late lunch. Dave and I rode the peak chair just before the lifts closed, so our last run of the day went from the top of Whistler Mountain down to the village, with a long delay after we took a wrong turn on a ridge and had to climb back up a very fluffy snowbank. I was plenty tired when we reached the base, but it was a good long run with some wide-open stretches (since most everyone else had already cleared off the mountain).

After my first run of the day I found that my “rocket” skis needed waxing and sharpening, so after turning them over to the ski tech I stopped into the demo tent next door and took off on a pair of Atomic Nomad Crimsons. Nice, nice skis: a little heavier than I’m used to, but smooth and just the right amount of float. Great edge control. And they are a gorgeous shade of red, which is far more important to me than it really ought to be. But, they’re also quite expensive, and I already have a couple pairs of perfectly decent skis…

Beautiful day on the snow. Spoiled somewhat when Barry triggered an avalanche and got whacked in the head with the tip of his own ski, resulting in lots of blood and eight stitches… but he’s OK and in good humor about it.