Red Echo

March 11, 2007

I spent this afternoon over at the new shop space, which I’m tentatively calling “the Rocket Factory”. I moved in a few things from my basement storage unit – table, chairs, tools – then went to Home Depot for a ladder and some cleaning supplies. The place is still almost empty, but now we can start building workbenches and shelving units.

Once I had the essentials in place I started in on my skis. I took off the bindings, scraped off the REI stickers, and sanded down the top surface. Then I pried off the rubber tip caps, which turned out not to be such a smart idea. I had imagined the rubber bits as caps over the ends of a normally shaped ski, but it turns out that the skis themselves are weird stubby-ended things, and the rubber is what makes them come to a point. I think I will solve this problem with bondo. In the meantime, I went over one of the skis with a light coat of paint, just to get started; it’s going to take a good few coats to make the color opaque, but once it’s done these are going to be some dramatic skis.


  1. i’d like to toss my thoughts in the ring with “Reaction Propulsion Reseach Labs”


    Comment by jennaXide — March 12, 2007 @ 7:55 am

  2. Careful with not putting the rubber tips back on.
    Often those things are weighted to keep the tips from vibrating like crazy at speed and they actually serve a useful purpose other than just protecting the tips.

    Comment by norm — March 12, 2007 @ 8:38 am