Red Echo

January 29, 2007

I started working on the laserfingers yesterday afternoon. I picked up a pair of summerweight kayaking gloves which looked like they would form a good base. They’re made of a neat silvery spandex which should breathe well. I trimmed the fingers back so they are clear of my knuckles, then removed the wrist cuff; I want these to be as lightweight as possible so they don’t trap too much heat. I’ll make battery holders out of the leftover nylon, which will be sewed onto the backs of the gloves. I haven’t completely settled on an attachment mechanism for the lasers, but I think I’m probably going to use velcro: I’ll epoxy a strip of hook-side velcro to the laser casings, then stitch a loop of loop-side velcro across the top of the finger, forming a sleeve between the glove and the velcro. This should keep the lasers in place without making it too difficult to remove them for washing.