Red Echo

May 8, 2015

“SJWs” are imaginary but prejudiced jerks show up everywhere

I’ve been watching the spread of this “social justice warrior” meme with some bemusement, because it is clearly just another fantasy bogeyman for racist and/or sexist bigots – what kind of troglodyte thinks social justice is a bad thing, and how deeply enmeshed in entitlement fantasyland do you have to be in order to say so in public without embarrassment? – but the term “SJW” turns out to be very useful despite its lack of real-world referent, since it offers the “gamergate” assholes and their ilk a clear warning signal they seem happy to tattoo on their own foreheads. Nobody admits to being a racist or a sexist, but these folks don’t seem to have realized yet that ranting on about “SJWs” sends the same signal loud and clear.