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June 5, 2013

First adventures in home ownership

We drove to Tacoma last weekend to visit the Albert Lee outlet store, where we bought a washer and dryer. I felt very suburban. Or maybe “domestic” is a better word? I don’t know. Not cool, at any rate.

The truck arrived today and delivered the dryer we ordered, along with some other dryer. Two dryers. Where’s our washer? And what are we going to do with this extra dryer? They took it away again and promised to come back on Saturday with a washing machine.

The previous owner was an investor who had the place renovated quickly and not all that carefully. We negotiated a bit and the seller agreed to chip in some money to hire an electrician to fix some problems his workers left behind in their hurry.

We have a working hallway light now. There was a loose coil of romex in the attic which didn’t go anywhere. Now it goes somewhere, by way of a big hole sawed into the freshly painted bathroom wall. Oh well, we will patch it up and paint it again.

We have a working dining room power outlet now. Alas, we also have a finger-sized hole drilled straight through our brand-new hardwood floor, a floor so new we haven’t even managed to put any scratches into it yet. This is disappointing. They promised to fix it. I don’t really want them to fix it; I want to still have a beautiful brand new floor. I want them to take out the ruined board, replace it, and put it all back together the way it was. This is apparently an expensive thing to do.

Yay for owning a home.

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  1. The wonderful thing about contractors is that you can abuse the shit out of them. I would tell them “fixing it” means “replace the board, or not get paid. Your choice.”

    Comment by Aaron Ballman — June 7, 2013 @ 8:42 am