Red Echo

May 4, 2011

Ava and I spent the weekend out in Eastern Washington at a fabulous, low-key, all-night-and-the-next-day dance party called Prosperity. We rode out with Jeff & Nika and camped with them and a handful of their friends. I didn’t actually dance til dawn this time; I hit a wall somewhere around 3 AM, and woke up in time for the sunrise set. Sunday was a lazy, sunny day listening to music, drinking whiskey, and talking with friends. Altogether a thoroughly worthwhile weekend.

Last night Ava and I spent a couple of hours working on our couch project. We finished up the carpentry and now have a bare wooden platform sitting in our living room. It’s a curved, L-shaped structure designed to seat two or three people in an otherwise unusable corner, low enough to work with our floor cushions and coffee table. Next step is to cut some high-density foam to shape and glue it on to the plywood surface; then we’ll upholster it, leaving only the finished legs showing.

I also did some work on the rhythm robot last night. I finished desoldering all the high-torque encoders I ordered by mistake and replacing them with a more finger-pleasing model. Removing parts is hard work! Once finished, I fitted up the faceplate, installed the knobs, and test fit the assembly in the box. It looks so sharp! I’m looking forward to actually using it… though I’m sure it will take more months of work before I actually get any sound out.

I briefly considered leaving the metal box unfinished, or possibly just giving it a clearcoat, but the aluminum is too bright and cheap-looking against the polished wood. I’ll stick with my original plan and have the box powdercoated.

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  1. Couch project demands photographs! :D

    Comment by SortOfInLaw — May 11, 2011 @ 12:56 pm