Red Echo

September 27, 2009

My bike came back from the playa with its chain loose enough and rear sprocket worn enough that it was no longer safe to ride. I parked it at the Rocket Factory and ordered a new chain and sprocket set. The parts finally arrived yesterday, so Adam and I met up over at the shop and spent a few hours working on the project. We didn’t finish – had trouble getting the rear sprocket off the hub – but once that’s done it should be no more than another two hours to finish up. I bought an O-ring chain this time, so perhaps it’ll last a bit longer than the last one did.

This evening I’m working on my first new piece of clothing since the jacket for MJ a year and a half ago. It’s a black and tan jacket, made of canvas with a light cotton lining. It’s nothing fancy but it feels good to be inspired to make clothes again.