Red Echo

July 27, 2008

Ava and I spent a few hours working on the front garden at Heden yesterday afternoon. Mr. Nguyen tore out all the weeds when he came by to mow the lawn, so the strip between the driveway and front walk was mostly bare, just waiting for some attention. We planted some more ninebark, a couple of sword ferns, and a various clumps of star creeper, brass-buttons, and miniature daisies which will hopefully spread out underneath the roses and rhododendron. The dead fern in the concrete planter came out and we put in another clump of woodruff, which has been very successful in the raised bed. Over in the sunnier corner we put in a cluster of violet oxalis and some California honeysuckle (which is actually a Northwest native, despite the name). I’m going for minimal maintenance, as usual, and and maximization of ground-covering greenery. It was fun, satisfying work; creating something beautiful with someone you love adds an extra layer of satisfaction.

In the evening I brought out my sewing machine, for the first time in a couple of months. Dawn brought over a few alteration and mending projects, and I cut up a blue denim jacket and sewed a black star in the back. I’m planning to redo the sleeves and put eyelets down the sides so I can lace it up. I’m a long way from the heady roar of creative energy I felt during the spring, but it’s nice to dip my toes back in.