Red Echo

March 30, 2008

I spent the afternoon yesterday working on a vest for Jenna B. This is my first attempt at designing a top for a woman’s figure, and I had to learn how to make darts. Using a dress form makes a big difference! I think that part of what excites me about sewing is that I have the opportunity to pick up a new skill on almost every project I tackle.

Last night was the last Oracle party. They took over the whole CHAC, upstairs and downstairs, and put so much work into decoration that it was difficult to recognize the place. I spent the night marvelling at the energy and enthusiasm practically everyone there had put into their outfits. It was a really happy, creative, friendly party, and at least one of the three dance rooms was always playing something I could get into.

I wore my dark red fur / suspenders / hat outfit. The leggings are supposed to have lights, but I couldn’t find a pair of matching light packs. I don’t know where they all went. I guess I will have to make some new ones; anyway, I have a new design I’ve been wanting to try out. Instead of legging-lights, I scrubbed some of the playa dust off my old standby, the LAVI laser pack. I’ve been wearing it out dancing for three years now, so it doesn’t excite me much anymore, but the point is really to watch other people get a kick out of it, and it still works well at that.