Red Echo

January 2, 2008

Hello, 2008

I’m back home from Whistler. There was a good six inches of fresh fluffy snow on the ground this morning, but after packing and cleaning we were all too tired to go play in it. I wanted to have some time to relax at home before diving back into work, anyway.

Barry’s Whistler cabin trips are a great blend of action, relaxation, and social interaction. I’m going to miss the big February/March trip this year, which is definitely a disappointment, but this New Year’s trip was a good substitute.

Looking ahead, this year will probably go by even more quickly than the last. I’m starting off with three months of travel, and it looks like I’ll be doing Burning Man again…

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  1. Whistler is nice but …. 6 inches ?
    If you’ve never been come up to Fernie some time where they get snow by the foot. Check out
    There’s a few places further in from the coast that get fresh snow several feet at a time like this. Fernie is known for huge amounts of light fluffy snow.
    I’ve been at Fernie and had 3 feet of snow overnight on more than one occasion.
    Enough you almost want a snorkle to go skiing :)

    Although if you’re camped out with lots of friends, snow, some tunes and good drink … who really cares about the snow :)

    Comment by norman — January 2, 2008 @ 4:54 pm