Red Echo

December 2, 2007

We moved into the new Rocket Factory space yesterday. I came away feeling a little unsettled about the place. It is smaller and more ragged than I’d remembered, and one corner of the concrete floor (which was hidden under boxes last time we saw it) turns out to be all lumpy and crumbled. The electrical system is haphazard, the storage loft is inadequate, and I’m unhappy with half the built-in shelving. It’s going to need a lot of work.

Then again I shouldn’t forget how many hours of carpentry and wiring we put into the old place before it was really a comfortable place to get things done. This time we have vehicle access, better power, and better lighting… It will work out fine in the end; I’m just a little taken aback at the amount of work I see ahead.

First thing we need is a good heater.