Red Echo

July 31, 2007

I bought another sewing machine today: this one will live at the Rocket Factory, making life easier during future workshops and clothing-production operations. It’s a basic Singer; someone on craig’s list upgraded to a newer machine and wanted $40 for the old one. It’s in fine condition, all of its features work, and it had no trouble stitching through six layers of denim, so I’m sure it will be up to the sorts of tasks I am likely to throw at it.

Between the Pfaff at the shop and my portable Janome machine my own needs are already well covered, but sewing machine availability has been a major bottleneck at each of the laserfingers workshops, and I have two more workshops planned for this month. This new machine should help, and I may try to pick up another sometime in the next week or two. Maybe instead it would be worth trying to fix up the old table-mounted Singer I’ve had kicking around for years; I’m not really sure.

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  1. Have you thought about looking into thrift stores for sewing machines? You could also put a want ad in a newspaper and/or craig’s list and see if you get any bites. Just an idea…

    Comment by Rachel — August 2, 2007 @ 4:15 am