Red Echo

March 30, 2007

I went over to Heden after work and started redesigning the upstairs bedroom. I cleared out a bunch of pillows and things, swept the floor, then spent a while rubbing my chin, saying “hmm,” and trying to figure out where to start. It’s more complicated than it seems like it ought to be, since I have many little projects in mind which all affect each other. Should I replace the ceiling light first, or wait til I’ve painted the ceiling? Which color should I use for the ceiling? Should I paint the red wall, or replace the electrical sockets first? Is it worth doing the cove lighting now or is that too much for one month?

Eventually I decided to replace the ceiling light, because it annoys me, and get to work on the red wall, because it excites me. So I swapped the hanging chandelier looking thing with a simple frosted-glass dome lamp that won’t hit me in the head every time I walk across the room, and rolled a coat of hilariously pink primer onto the north wall. It’s a good start.