Red Echo

March 16, 2007

I’m supposed to be in Canada by now, but felt very tired, took a nap after work instead of packing, and decided to relax tonight and drive up tomorrow morning instead. The snow report for tomorrow doesn’t sound promising anyway.

I have packed my table of electronica gear into a big blue flight case (where “packed” means “stuffed everything in and inserted foam into the gaps”) and will be bringing along my keyboard as well. I don’t know whether I’ll actually spend much time making music, but others will have their instruments along as well, so I’ll be equipped for a jam session if one occurs.

The skis are finished. I’m not completely happy with the texture of the finish, but it’s good enough for a fun little stunt, which is basically what this project is. They’re very, very red, and the rough stencil style looks great. They will be fun to play with.