Nomad Lounge

The Nomad Lounge is an art car, or “mutant vehicle,” created for Burning Man in 2006 by Adam Henderson, Michael Thogersen, Janet Liloia, and Mars Saxman. From our Mutant Vehicle License application:

The Nomad Lounge is a completely unique vehicle, mutant from birth, designed from scratch for use at Black Rock City. A small tractor pulls a custom-built 16' x 12' platform which rolls on ten pneumatic wheels.

The Nomad Lounge is a low-key transportation service designed to encourage social lounging. Cushions, carpet, windbreaks, and a gauze roof make a comfortable area for 8-10 people to relax during late nights on the playa. Seating is arranged to encourage conversation, and downtempo music creates a chilled-out atmosphere.

Some of our favorite playa memories involve relaxed late-night lounging on slowly-drifting art cars, and we felt like this would be a good year to return the favor by bringing our own vehicle designed expressly for that purpose.

Photos from Burning Man

Photos from our Seattle test drive

Early design sketches: 1, 2, 3, 4