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Monday, the 31st of December, 2001

Saturday, the 29th of December, 2001

Friday, the 28th of December, 2001

That's St. Helens in the background. It wasn't in the mood to erupt today. The broad, flat, dead valley left from its mudflow two decades ago was an impressive testament to its energy when it gets upset. It's hard to believe that St. Helens is a mere bump on the world volcano map.

Thursday, the 27th of December, 2001

Wednesday, the 26th of December, 2001

My in-laws gave me a new front bumper for Christmas. It's a nice sturdy unit from Trail Tough, a match to the rear bumper I installed at the beginning of the summer. Hopefully it will never need to prove its strength, but should it be called upon to do so I'm sure it will perform far better than the wrecked stock bumper it replaces. I bolted the bumper on this afternoon with a little help from Mr. Hills; it was an easier job than I'd expected.

There are still dents visible on the cowl and the windshield frame, but most of the cow damage has now been repaired.

Looking at the twisted mess made of the old bumper assembly, I felt nervous over again: we came very close to serious trouble that night in the Nevada desert. It took a lot of force to bend the steel beam which supported the bumper, and we did well to get away with as little damage as we did. I hope never to get in another such crash, but if we do, next time we'll be better protected.

Tuesday, the 25th of December, 2001

Monday, the 24th of December, 2001

Sunday, the 23rd of December, 2001

Saturday, the 22nd of December, 2001

Friday, the 21st of December, 2001

Thursday, the 20th of December, 2001

My jeep has been sitting in the basement unused since the Great Cow Crash in September. I thought about replacing it, but eventually decided just to fix it back up and keep on driving. As my lifestyle depends very little on automotive transportation, the repair job has remained low on my priority list. Since September I have bought a pair of replacement blinkers, and that's about it.

Now it turns out that Kelly and I are driving down to her parents' place for Christmas. She's neglected repairs on her car, and it needs new tires, some exhaust work, and other miscellanea. There's nothing wrong with my jeep, except that its bodywork is all smashed to bits. Since it runs fine, I figured I might as well just set the sheet metal back to rights rather than have Kelly get the mechanical work done on her car. This leaves me about two days to replace the hood, fenders, tie bars, headlights, blinkers, and fender flares on my jeep. Suddenly the problem in my plan begins to make itself known.

Tony Finley from the Wazuks club happened to have nearly all the parts I needed, as a unit, sitting in his back yard waiting to be sold. He hauled this item up from Renton this afternoon and it is now sitting in the parking garage downstairs.

Remarkably, the paint on the new pieces matches the stock trim stripes. The two-tone car effect still looks silly, but at least the two halves of the car won't clash. Someday, of course, I'll take it in to Maaco and have them apply a nice new coat of silver.

Wednesday, the 19th of December, 2001

Tuesday, the 18th of December, 2001

The jeweler called yesterday to inform me that the rings we'd supplied for modification had been finished. Today we picked them up. The result is slightly different than what we had in mind but quite good looking none the less.

It is a complete coincidence that tonight is the premiere of the first Lord of the Rings movie at the Cinerama in downtown Seattle. The elf and hobbit are friends of a fellow named Andrew whom I met at a party Karawynn threw last spring. I didn't get their names but it was nice to see the work they'd put into their outfits. There were less costumed folk than I'd expected - the rain may be to blame.

Monday, the 17th of December, 2001

Sunday, the 16th of December, 2001

I went to the Thriftko in Greenwood this afternoon looking for a pair of ski pants - something like these, but cheaper. I had no success with that, but while browsing found a great knee-length leather jacket. Most unusually for a thrift store find, it fit perfectly. It needs some repairs - pockets are torn, one of the cuffs is loose, it's missing a button, and the dye needs to be touched up in a few places - but it looks good on me and will be well worth the work.

Friday, the 14th of December, 2001

Thursday, the 13th of December, 2001

Wednesday, the 12th of December, 2001

Tuesday, the 11th of December, 2001

Monday, the 10th of December, 2001

The others are some photos I took wandering around downtown this evening.


Doug from Hypnox gave me a CD with photos from the powerplant shoot. These are a few of the shots.

Saturday, the 8th of December, 2001

The craft fair was more or less a bust. I sold one bracelet. This was about average; apparently the event organizers were much better at attracting vendors than customers.

Thursday, the 6th of December, 2001

Wednesday, the 5th of December, 2001

Tuesday, the 4th of December, 2001

Monday, the 3rd of December, 2001

Sunday, the 2nd of December, 2001

Saturday, the 1st of December, 2001

Quoth Kelly: "That's a photo of Savannah looking like she's about to whip out a butcher knife, Jilli as our stern governess, and Kelly looking absolutely fucking psycho."


Two year anniversary of the WTO protests.
And a night at the Mercury. Pink night, to be exact.

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